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Hermann Aschwer

Herzlich willkommen auf meiner neuen Homepage. Hier gibt es alles wichtige über mich sowie meine Triathlon-Bücher zu lesen. Viel Spaß beim Surfen. Euer Hermann
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Fremdsprachige Bücher
Bücher von Hermann Aschwer in englischer und spanischer Sprache. Englischsprachige Bücher veröffentlicht Aschwer teilweise unter seinem Pseudonym Henry Ash.
Alle Bücher sind im Buchhandel, beim Verlag Meyer & Meyer Aachen sowie beim Autor direkt erhältlich.

The complete Guide to Triathlon Training
Titelseite The complete Guide to Triathlon Training von Hermann Aschwer

This book is for every athlete who aspires to be a successful triathlete. The author's 5-stage programme offers extensive information and complete training plans for each of the triathlon distances - the novice, short, medium, Ultra and the Hawaiian-Ironman. Englischsprachige Ausgabe von "Triathlon-Training - Vom Jedermann zum Ironman"

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Lifelong Success - Triathlon - Training for Masters
Titelseite Lifelong Success Triathlon Training for Masters von Hermann Aschwer

The book accompanies all Masters triathletes - beginners and advanced alike - in their bid to succeed in sport.

Detailed instructions and realistic training plans, both for triathletes who still go out to work and for those who have retired from work, are the central theme of this book.

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Lifelong Training - Triathlon - Advanced Training for Masters
Titelseite Lifelong Training - Triathlon - Advanced Training for Masters von Henry Ash

Keen and ambitious i.e. performance-oriented masters who have already completed the Olympic/Short triathlon a number of times begin to strive for higher sporting achievements. The new challenge now is the Middle Distance and of course the 'magical' Ironman Distance.

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Tips for Success - Triathlon
Titelseite Tips for Succcess - Triathlon von Hermann Aschwer

A volume of suggestions and hints for all questions relating to triathlon sport, including the most important rules, necessary equipment, correct training and suitable preparation for competitions, as well as a personal assessment of one's achievement. Questions about nutrition, keep-fit exercises and strengthening are also answered and advice is given about how to begin with triathlon and when it is worth kitting oneself out with costly equipment.

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Keep fit - exercises for kids

The number of postural defects among schoolchildren today is alarming. However, sports lessons in schools are continuously dropping in importance despite this fact. This book aims to offer assistance to all those people actively involved in putting a stop to postural deficiencies and defects among children and youths in three different steps. Starting off with an introduction into basic principles as well as a detailed discussion of the positive effects of gymnastic exercises specifically for children and adolescents, there follows a wide variety of easy-to-follow exercises, which are clearly explained and illustrated.

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